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Papa Snail’s Postcards

Today was Papa Snail’s birthday. Here are postcards he’s sent me from his travels over the years. (As always in Postcard Post letters, the views expressed are just the writer’s own–in this case, Papa Snail’s.)

The stamp on the left is by one of Brazil’s most important painters, Candido Portinari (1903-1962). Five of his paintings were made into a series of stamps in 2004.
The stamp on the right is of a berimbau, an instrument played in the martial art, capoiera. The berimbau is a bow, about half a person’s height, with a dried hollow gourd attached toward the base. It’s held with one hand and a small basket rattle on the pinky, while with the other hand, the player uses a stick to strike the string at different levels to produce different tones. 


Another stamp in the Candido Portinari series.

This is one of my favorite postcards because, despite the “Prioritário” stamp, it took six months to arrive! I really hope it didn’t sit in a mail box all that time. Rather, I like to imagine it traveled all over the world before finding me…All the places it’s been, where I may never go myself.


“Lake Linow, a small highly sulphurous lake which changes colours with the light,. Lahendong–North Sulawesi. Photo: Monal”

Translation (by me): “RED EYED FROG This beautifully colored treefrog species lives in the lowlands of the Caribbean rainforest.”


(Herbert was our name for a wooden toy dragon that hung from the ceiling. When you pulled him by a spring he was attached to, his wings flapped! Sweet, old fashioned Dutch toy. It seems Papa Snail found a similar one in Berlin.)



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