Snail's Postcard Post

¡Cumpleaños de Angelina!

It’s my friend Angelina’s birthday! We’re high school buds and have exchanged many letters, including postcards, over the years. I could pick out an Angelina letter  if it had no name on it and was typewritten, because when she sits down to pen a correspondence, she channels Holly Golightly. Here are those postcard messages now!





For a few more Beatles postcards, check out this post

Well, here’s to snail mail between friends! I encourage it.

By the way, I’ve got to take the opportunity to say DO NOT THROW OUT YOUR FRIENDS’ LETTERS! I’m not saying be a packrat and keep every basic greeting card. But when it comes to full-fledged thoughts a friend or relative put to paper, if you don’t want to keep it yourself, then keep it to give back to that person someday. Mama Snail and her best friend corresponded in college. She was rereading her friend’s letters shortly after she graduated, and wanted to revisit her own. But her friend had thrown them all out! Her friend regrets it and their friendship continues, but that will always be a sore spot for Mama Snail. If you have a pen-pal, you can even agree to return each other’s letters as a holiday gift or at the start of the new year!    

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