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Yesterday The Snail Family attended the “Ticket to the ’20s” Festival at the Homestead Museum, the City of Industry’s (Southern California) diamond in the rough. Our friend, the ukelele-playing chanteuse Janet Klein hipped us to this shindig, as she and her band would be performing. (Check out my post of exquisite Janet Klein And Her Parlor Boys postcards!) In fact, there were a number of vintage jazz groups and the dance floor was jumping. Folks were in lovely ’20s garden party attire, picnicking by the lily pond, and admiring pristine classic automobiles, hand-cranked Singer sewing machines and 78 turntables. In a neighboring field, two dashing fellas in straw boaters and vests–one in slacks, one in knickerbockers!–had brought their mitts and a baseball and were playing catch. Unreal–looked straight out of ‘The Natural.’ So, still in the revival spirit, here are some Twenties infused postcards.

     July 4th screening of ‘The General’ (1926) starring Buster Keaton

Janet Klein & her Parlor Boys were special musical guests at the screening

What’s Anna May Wong doing there? Inform me, as I seem to be missing something.

This book’s cover is brilliant. It brings out what perhaps was always there in this 1927 Chesterfield cigarette ad:

(Published in Taschen’s ‘All-American Ads of the 20s’, Ed. Jim Heimann)

This is watercolor, not oil! I couldn’t capture its subtlety on camera, and I can not find who the artist is. (If you know, please comment! It’s not Ernie Barnes.) This is a postcard from the Pasadena Museum of California Art announcing a past show for which 30 different collectors were given the project of each selecting a California watercolor from their collections. 

I never liked this postcard, as the designer couched the painting in a big white boarder. Against gallery-white, the image just struck me as drab, depressing. Only when I was looking through my collection for ’20s-ish postcards did I really look at the painting. So atmospheric.

WAIT, THERE’S MORE! After the Ticket to the ’20s Festival yesterday, we Snails got into our little red car and navigated our way to South Pasadena for the art opening of Karen Green‘s ‘Offspring’ show. Delightful, loved it!

   FINALLY, this book release postcard came in the mail:

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