Snail's Postcard Post

Skulls, and spaceships, and bears, oh my!

Look what arrived today! Another delightful postcard from Toni–the Snail Family’s American friend currently living in Beijing. Previously her postcards have transported me to tranquil Suzhou, China and Maehongson, Thailand. Today’s postcard took me back in time…

Sorry my photograph is a bit blurry, but you can partly guess the caption:
Feeding a wild bear, Yellowstone Park. 

I received a postcard from another friend today too. What a lucky snail I am! This one’s from Hummingbird, a compassionate friend who celebrates the little things.   Have you checked out her blog yet that I wrote about? Lovely Handwritten Notes is a letter writing project devoted to genuine human connection and saving the postal service! Anyone can write to Hummingbird, and she’ll send a bit of sunshine back. This postcard is in reply to a recent lovely handwritten note of mine.

Caption: View of Endeavor’s cargo bay with Earth’s horizon in the background. September/October 1994 

I have a lot of beautiful postcards of our planet, but none like this! However, if you’re into aeronautics and astronomy, do take a peek at my post in tribute to the late Neil Armstrong.

I met a cool sculptor yesterday named Sierra Pecheur. Recently she’s been creating objects and installations of/with human bones and organs, dealing with the loaded symbols of life and death. However, her pieces are not as grisly as that probably sounds, but just very earthy, with a folk quality. 

She happened to have some exhibition postcards with her of a much older piece.

This piece is so stark, hitting you instantly, and might even be called simplistic. It’s always fascinating to see how artists evolve. See what she’s up to now at






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