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I know, it’s hard to read–Akha Hilltribe  North Maehongson, Thailand

I’d never heard of the Akha, so I did a bit of research. Turns out, this tribe, with its own language and religion, is relatively new to Thailand. They originated in China, where some still live in the southwestern province of Yunnan. Scientists tend to believe the Akha are in fact from Yunnan, but the people themselves generally hold that they hail from the Chinese-Tibetan borderlands. In any case, many Akha migrated to the high mountains of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand in the early  1900’s. Thailand received further influx of Akha people as they fled civil war in Laos and former-Burma (now Myanmar). Today, 80,000 Akha live in Northern Thailand, and are known for their dazzling clothing. I for one wondered how bland they might find common dress here in the U.S. compared to the vibrant colors in this postcard. 

This postcard is from an American friend living in Beijing who is thoughtfully letting me in on her travels around East Asia!


For another postcard and observant message from Toni, check out my Aug. 19 post “A Week of Postcards”–one of my favorite place-photograph postcards.

Red Hen Press is a small publishing house (literary fiction, poetry, non-fiction) and community-involved literary nonprofit connected to many of Southern California’s most notable writers and readers.  

Alright you hip cats, you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. Goodnight. 

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