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Where Go the Boats?

Where Go the Boats?
Dark brown is the river,
Golden is the sand.
It flows along for ever,
With trees on either hand.

Green leaves a-floating,
Castles of the foam,
Boats of mine a-boating–
Where will all come home?

On goes the river
And out past the mill,
Away down the valley,
Away down the hill.

Away down the river,
A hundred miles or more,
Other little children
Shall bring my boats ashore.

–Robert Louis Stevenson

Lake Bystricka, the former Czechoslovakia (now in the eastern Czech Republic) Date not given 

I think I found this splendid vacation postcard at Grandma Snail’s, although I can’t imagine how she would have come by it. If I didn’t find it there, then I discovered it at Mama Snail’s, although she knows no more about it than I do–which is nothing. If you can read this , I’d LOVE to know what it says. Thank you!

Caption: Kitsilano Beach & Swimming Pool, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Came upon this entrepreneurial announcement in a shop. Big news for the family by postcard!

The harbor of charming Camden, Maine

The roadstead of Geneva, Switzerland

The stamp says ‘Helvetia,’ the goddess-like personification of Switzerland “the Helvetic Confederation” as motherland.

Sent to Grandma and Grandpa Snail from friends, undated.

 Mystic Seaport, Connecticut. 

A day-tourist destination, upon my own day visit to Mystic, I picked out this postcard because it has an older, Technicolor-ish look to it–that beautiful aqua, and I thought it looked nice without the usual scrawl on the front. Only after purchasing it did I realize it featured two historic ships. Alongside the reddish brown building is the lovingly named Joseph Conrad, built in 1882, and sailed around the world in 1934. It is now a museum. Above it, towards the top of the postcard, is the Charles W. Morgan. Launched in 1841, it is the world’s oldest whaling ship and merchant vessel. 

Visually, one of my favorite postcards. 

For more Paris postcards, check out my “Bastille Day” post (July 14, of course).

Watercolor by Mama Snail.

Hiroshige, Towboats along the Yotsugi-dori Canal, woodblock color print, 1857.

Glad we got to go for a sail on this last day of August.

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