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Island Hopping

Following up on yesterday’s luau (Grandpa Snail’s midcentury Hawaii postcards that is–see the previous post), here are a few more postcards from the Aloha State and other tropical isles to round out the summer.  

Lava flow site, Big Island, Hawaii

From a hula dancing former pen pal, April 8, 2005
I love Kona, but Hilo is really rainy so it has really pretty plants–and I saw the “Merrie Monarch Festival” there which is like THE biggest thing. It’s a hula contest and people from all over the US come to compete, but mostly people from CA because every other state doesn’t really care. I’m tanner than I was before”

North Shore Oahu, Hawaii
I think the hotel is ugly. (I have postcards of major resorts elsewhere in Hawaii, and  they all seem to look like this!) The reason I like this postcard, though, is the view of the reef. With the speck-sized buoys and snorkelers giving a great sense of scale, you can really see what’s down there due to the clarity of the gorgeous turquoise water. 

Great-Aunt and -Uncle Snail sent this to Grandma Snail while on their honeymoon in Kauai, Hawaii. I know this is a tourism display at a resort, but I find this photograph completely enchanting. Visually, I think it’s one of my favorite postcards.   

Grandpa Snail’s observantly funny postcard from Guam, where he worked as a civil engineer in 1960. 

And from the jet setting Grandma and Grandpa Snail on the other side of the family…

A favorite snorkeling and scuba diving beach, Anse Chastanet rims the Caribbean island of St. Lucia (south of Martinique). The horn to the right is one of St. Lucia’s most recognizable features, a volcano called Petit Piton.  

Today on a snorkel trip we saw squid, a puffer fish, a barricuda [sic.], an eel, and a drum fish…Did you know that the Empress Josephine was born in Soufrire [sic.] (the next village over) here on the Isle of St. Lucia?” To be exact, Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife, Empress Josephine de Beauharnais of France, was born in Martinique, but spent much of her childhood in Soufrière. 

An island popular with hardcore scuba divers (ie. Papa Snail) for its bizarre sea life, Sulawesi lies in Indonesia. Even the bodies of freshwater seem exotic. As this postcard’s caption reads, “Lake Linow, a small highly sulphurous lake which changes colours with the light. Lahendong, North Sulawesi.” 

Speaking of Indonesia…

Not the greatest postcard, but something to remind me of Tanah Lot, a 15th century temple to the Balinese sea gods and gorgeous sunset viewpoint. It is one of seven such sea temples along the the Bali coast, each built just within sight of the next, forming a pilgrimage chain. A giant snake and its poisonous sea snake minions is believed to hide at Tanah Lot, guarding the temple from evil spirits and intruders. 

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