Snail's Postcard Post

Make ’em Laugh

Here’s my trove of comedy postcards to mark the passing of the brassy Phyllis Diller.

And on the reverse side…

Unfortunately blurry in my photo, the paper taped at the right is a comically spot-on set list of classic rock standards you would not want to sit through:
Second Set
Brown Eyed Girl
Me & Julio →The Boxer
Teach yer Children
Brandy (? maybe)
More Than Words
Uncle John’s Band
Cats in the Cradle
Peaceful Easy Feeling/Eagles medley
Love the 1 You’re With

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to post these two ↑↓

As I’ve written here before, Charles Phoenix is as much a serious archivist and wellspring of knowledge on midcentury cultural history as he is a hilarious, charming showman. Considering his appreciation for Americana, don’t let the sequined Hawaiian shirts and Yankee Doodle suits fool you that he’s making fun of rather than with! His humor is completely appreciative, not at all hipster-catty, making his engagements perfect for older audiences as well as young.

He started out as a “histo-tainer,” writer, retro chef, L.A. personality and “your personal tour guide” by organizing his massive collection of Kodachrome slides (other people’s!–found at flea markets, antique shops, dumpsters, etc.) into slideshows, weaving detailed and laugh out loud-funny narration for them at revival houses throughout Los Angeles. While continuing to screen slideshows, he has added authorship, emcee of events from ice cream socials, to rollerskate-capades to puppet shows, and zany tour guide to his repertoire. Much like Janet Klein (see the post ‘Now Presenting: Janet Klein And Her Parlor Boys’), I admire Charles Phoenix for finding a way to turn his talents and the things he loves into his job–what he does with his life.

Finally, carrying on Phyllis Diller’s tradition of standout hair and general quirk…

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