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Just attended a reception at Offramp Gallery. Located in a beautiful 1920’s Craftsman house in Pasadena, California, the gallery features ever changing exhibitions of contemporary art. I’ve never seen a show there that did not interest. Today was the closing reception of collage artist Lou Beach’s surreal, whimsical exhibition Stories & Pictures at which he also read from his book 420 Characters. Here is the front and back of the postcard for the show, as well as postcards from Offramp shows past. 

Bunn’s photographs, digital videos and lithographs focus on the subtleties where vegetation meets sky. Portraying those interfaces as found in unremarkable places in Los Angeles, her work draws viewers to recall the fine detail, subtlety of light, and progressive movement right outside. One such piece was recently acquired by The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)!

Drop, 2011, acrylic on polyester film, detail

Red Hook, 2009, detail

As Offramp’s press release for Countries of Origin explains, these works are “intricate landscapes of Asian container shipping ports, using recycled product packaging from the sites themselves. Delicately cut, folded, and pinned to the walls with multi-colored map pins, Kolonusz-Partee’s constructions become panoramic pastiches of buildings, roadways, cranes and ships. By exploring these industrial landscapes Kolonusz-Partee hopes to better understand where all the “stuff” demanded by the west is really coming from[, and t]he environmental and human sacrifices being made in the East’s efforts to rapidly develop”

Can’t wait to share more art postcards with you in future Postcard Posts!        

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