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It’s been a movie-watching Saturday. Just took in Frozen River with the Snail family. This afternoon, a friend and I downed rootbeer floats as we laughed with Wayne’s World 2 back to back with an episode of Sister Wendy–probably a double feature never lined up before! So here’s to the movies.

 “This card is from the Sound of Music sing-a-long [sic.] if you haven’t guessed. We simply must go together next summer! You would love it. A bunch of freaks in too tight later hosen [sic.] (?spelling.) There were lots of male nuns. Afterall [sic.], all the nuns [I] have met in real life have had beards. [I’mhorrible! [I’mgoing to hell! I dressed up in a Julie Andrews dress…I sang my lungs out. My prude neighbor kept hushing me. Whatever lady, don’t come to a sing-a-long [sic.], for Pete’s sake! Auf Wiedersehen






























Postcard for a silent-era event at Los Angeles’ Downtown Palace Theatre (in background, built 1911) in honor of Mr. Robert Mitchell’s (upper right) 90th birthday. The lovable Bob Mitchell, who passed away in 2009 at the age of 96, was a lifelong organ accompanist of silent movies, from their heyday to present-day revival houses. For his 90th birthday bash, he played for a screening of Buster Keaton’s “Seven Chances” and was serenaded by 1910’s, ’20s and ’30s band Janet Klein (left) and Her Parlor Boys (see my post ‘The Beach’), whose many whimsical postcards I still plan to feature as a later post.

“The General”








Building on the Vietnam era film/TV poster motif ala M.A.S.H. and Putney Swope. On the back, John and Yoko’s…

Just released in the U.S. Can’t wait to see it.

“The 10th Victim”

Indie video rental store in South Pasadena, California

Just picked this one up today at the local video rental store!

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