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Illustrated Places

I was lent a book the other day that had a postcard of Francine Matarazzo’s oil painting East of Silverlake(1994-95) tucked inside. 

Instead of a photograph of the landscape east of the Los Angeles neighborhood of Silverlake as in a standard postcard, here was a hand-rendered portrayal. Filing through my postcard collection, I plucked out other cards of painted and drawn real-life sites.

Hiroshige, Towboats along the Yotsugi-dori Canal, 1857,woodblock color print.

Vincent van Gogh, Field with flowers near Arles, 1888.

From my wise, loving elementary school teacher on my ninth birthday. For more of her writing, see the first comment on my July 4th post.

 “Why does IH always assign horrible summer reading books! Who wants to read about Economics while lying on the beach?!! Urgh. Sorry, had to get that off my chest. This card was the only one I could find. Doesn’t the painting look like it should be hanging in a hotel? I think I’m so cynical today because the weather is gnarly. (Yeah, dude.) It’s hot but cloudy and gray. Change of topic…On a better note I made kick-ass brownies yesterday. I didn’t burn them or anything! I was so proud. Ok, I admit all I had to do was add milk and eggs to this powder, but hey that’s the closest I come to Martha Stewart. Which is sad because I’m Italian. I should be making cannoles [sic.] up the ying-yang [sic.]. I must not have that gene.”
From a friend in our high school years. For another of her stream-of consciousness letters, check out my July 7th post.

 Caption: “Begun in 1802 by Gideon Putnam as a tavern, it became the world’s largest and most lavish hotel after brick additions were made in 1864 and 1971. Here at the turn of the century gathered the social world for the racing season.”

Sent from Mama Snail on tour, November 3, 2000
Saratoga Springs is a pretty town in “upstate” New York–I got to talk to hundreds of librarians here–my very favorite kind of people. I’ll see you before this comes!”
For all the postcards from Mama Snail’s first book’s tour, check out the very first edition of Postcard Post!

Old Merchant’s House, 1832 landmark house museum, New York, New York.
1989 by Jill Gill, commissioned watercolor and ink illustrator of brownstones and other grand old buildings

Original headquarters, I believe, of the Mariage Freres teahouse. The Mariage Brothers company was established in 1854, but the Mariage family has been involved in sequential tea enterprises since approximately 1660 under Louis XIV. Today, the passionate gourmet company boasts half a dozen tea emporiums, tearooms, and tea museums in Paris (and one in Tokyo!). 

Postcard made of wood! (Don’t worry though, not made of sequoia wood.)

< Printed on the card!

I’m not a fan of the pop band Jack’s Mannequin, but think this postcard is clever.

Oil painting, White’s Motel, 2003, by one of my favorite contemporary artists, photorealist Patricia Chidlaw. She describes exactly how I feel about this painting, “While I often treat older architectural forms, I want to make it clear these are not paintings about nostalgia – all are contemporary scenes, recently observed…What I feel these mostly unpopulated places I choose to paint have in common is a potency, some kind of emotional charge that enables them to function as settings for a subjective fictional narrative.”

Postcard of Christo’s illustration and map collages for his project The Gates,open to the public in Central Park February 12-27, 2005. Grandma and Grandpa Snail sent me a fabric swatch from the installation which I keep with the postcard. 

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