Snail's Postcard Post

The Fab Four

Born on July 7, 1940, today is Ringo Starr’s 72nd birthday. So today’s postcard post is dedicated to his start on the world stage, The Beatles of course.

When we were early teens, a friend sent this to me when I was away doing a wilderness program.
How’s camp life? Any supiscious [sic.] sightings of Big Foot, unicorns, mermaids, lumber jacks or UFOs learking [sic.] in the shadows under a large oak tree? Well, I hope so, it certainly would spicen [sic.] things up. I am certain you have been doing all sorts of fun things my little wilderness Goddess. Climbing, jumping, swimming, laughing, eating gronala [sic.]. I can picture it now…Someone playing an acoustic guitar while everyone sings “Hey Jude” and “Come Together.” And then you look and something catches your eye. What is it? Two gleaming brown eyes peering at you across the campfire and then you realize…You are staring at the late and great ghost of George Harrison. You gasp. And then the image slowly disappears. You have witnessed a vision defying all means of time travel and life and death. Sssshhh. We’ll keep it between us. Our little secret.”

At the end of my visit to Madam Tussauds Wax Museum in London when I was ten, I picked out this postcard of The Beatles’ wax figures there.

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