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The Beginning

Hi there! I’m Snail. As well as eating holes through leaves, I love mail. In particular, I’ve been collecting postcards most of my life. My shell–my home on my back, as they say–was getting rather crowded, so I thought it was time I let all those postcards out for other nice creatures to enjoy. 

I guess I better start at the beginning. These are my first postcards–from when I was a wee hatchling: 

 To think of all the time I spent pouring over these images with my antennae…But I didn’t really have a collection of postcards till several years later when Mama Snail published her first big book for which she went on several long tours. Though she was away longer than either of us were used to, she did not forget me–she sent me a postcard from every city she went to. Through them, I got a sense of many places beyond my own garden. Mama Snail’s tours seem to have gone like this:

June 16, 1999 New York, New York “New York is very fun and noisy, lots of taxis + horns honk  honking, bright lights; my reading went well–I opened my book + your drawing of flowers fell out!

June 17, 1999 St. Louis, Missouri “The fireflies were blinking + made me think of you.”

 June 21, 1999 Omaha, Nebraska “I ate snails! 6 of them. Mmm…saw a real cardinal–boy are they red! Tomorrow I go to Florida–I’ve never been there.” (I believe the snails were of a different species than our family.)

June 22, 1999 Vero Beach, Florida “The beach is all broken shells, hard to walk on but very interesting to look at. The turtles actually lay their eggs on these beaches! They have the Biggest bugs here, they smack the windows + you think someone threw a rock. I look at your drawing of flowers in my book at every stop.

June 23, 1999 Coral Gables, Florida “It’s the greatest + I only get to be here 1 night–in at 6p. out at 7:30a. Just a glimpse.

June 24, 1999 Milwaukee, Wisconsin “Milwaukee is so pretty, I’ve never been here before. Staying in a great old fashioned hotel, with a piano player in the lobby, + angels painted on the ceiling. Lots of old buildings here–I’m sad I didn’t have more time to see them. Leave tomorrow for Ann Arbor at 7:30

June 25, 1999 Ann Arbor, Michigan “My hotel is right near the bell tower + it’s really LOUD. Lots of good bookstores here.”

June 28, 1999 Chicago, Illinois “Another reading tonight then bye bye Chicago.”

June 29, 1999 Lexington, Kentucky “lots of rail fences and the most beautiful horses, rolling green countryside.”

July 1, 1999 Denver, Colorado “The tattered Cover Bookstore is great.”

July 1, 1999 Minneapolis, Minnesota “It’s raining here in Minneapolis, It’s very beautiful + green…I had dinner with the books writer for the paper…and his wife…They invited me to their house–it was nice to eat at somebody’s house for a change…going to a good museum here, then HOME HOME HOME!!”

November 11, 1999 Portland, Oregon “Staying in a hotel built in 1912!”

November 19, 1999 South Beach, Florida “This is an area of Miami all built in the 1920’s with very cool old buildings…Our room looks out over the harbor + we see all the big ships + fancy boats coming in + out.”

November 19, 1999 New York, New York “Best thing–I saw the George Washington Bridge + it looked just like Tar Beach


March 4, 2000 Milan, Italy “very busy and interesting city…The big arch on the right is the entrance to an old fashioned version of a mall! Che bella!”

March 5, 2000 Amsterdam, Holland “Rooms are very high-ceilinged with tall windows–my room is all white and blue–it’s very very elegant…But I came from sunny Italy–there was snow on the ground here. A TV crew met me at the airport in a limousine! gave me flowers, interviewed me in my hotel room. I feel like quite a celebrity…I’m starting to feel so lonesome for you”

March 10, 2000 Stockholm, Sweden “On my way home tomorrow! Stockholm is verybeautiful but its winter here–ice floes on the rivers + sea inlets. Wild swans…Very nice, but I am ready to come HOME! I will be there when this comes”


March 15, 2000 Atlanta, Georgia “It’s spring here, and the trees are all in bloom, pink and white, their petals drifting in the uncertain breeze–reminds me of that poem “A Comparison” “but apple blossoms when they go, white and slow,…””


April 8, 2000 Connecticut “It’s real spring here + beautiful! On our way up to Vermont!”


May 10, 2000 Portland, Oregon “The big pointy rock is Hay Stack Rock.”


June 6, 2000 Santa Barbara, California “One t/down, 27 to go.”

June 11, 2000 San Francisco, California “my interviewer brought her 8 year old daughter–I wish it had been YOU…Today I’m on to Phoenix.”

June 12, 2000 Phoenix, Arizona “all sand and cactus, shrubs + oleanders, Squaw Mountain + Camelback Mountain…It’s 110 degrees here, so we’re stuck inside–had my coffee outside with my escort this morning, but she was scared of the birds, so we went in.”

June 15, 2000 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma “I spent the whole day traveling yesterday–missed just about everything I was supposed to do, even 1 1/2 hr. late for my book signing, but there were people who came anyway + waited–so even though there weren’t many, they were really great. The night before, in Albuquerque, people had cats in their rooms. Meow Meow Meow. I thought I was going nuts!”

 June 15, 2000 Houston, Texas “I didn’t even get to spend the night in Houston! I’m flying tonight to Austin”

June 17, 2000 Austin, Texas “Austin is a beautiful city with a river–there’s a long arching bridge where bats rest underneath and at sundown they come out to feed on the mosquitos…100’s of people and thousands of bats, the full moon over this beautiful river.”

June 18, 2000 Dallas, Texas “I was enjoying myself so much I almost missed my plane.”

June 19, 2000 Kansas City, Missouri “We ate Kansas City’s Barbecue, that the town in known for. Mmm…”

June 21, 2000 Madison, Wisconsin “a fun student town like Bekeley…My tour is 1/2 way through!”

 June 22, 2000 Milwaukee, Wisconsin “Leaving Milwaukee, a really beautiful city where they don’t tear down the old buildings, so it looks a lot like Europe. They brew Miller Beer here + when you pass the factory you can really smell it…Lots of green copper rooftops–you expect them to speak German–many of their Grandparents did. They’re having a Harley motorcycle convention here–pretty interesting people!”

June 23, 2000 “MOTOWN USA Where The Supremes + Aretha Franklin are from…I’m getting sick of hotels, looking forward to being HOME…I love to travel but this is ridiculous…”

June 25, 2000 Cincinnati, Ohio “we had drinks in this amazing room. So beautiful and 1920’s–I can imagine my new character here.”

June 30, 2000 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania “This is the Steeple of Independence Hall, one of the most famous buildings in America. Philadelphia also has the Liberty Bell + Betsy Ross’s house (the woman who sewed the first flag.) It is full of beautiful tiny houses from the very earliest days of America.”

July 5, 2000 Boston, Massachusetts “This is the area of Boston we liked the most, where Louisa May Alcott lived, very pretty and shady. Daddy and I are going separate ways tomorrow, me to Atlanta, in the South, Daddy to New York. Almost home!”

July 7, 2000 Atlanta, Georgia “I’m on the homestretch now!…by the time you get this, we’ll all be home!”


August 18, 2000 Cologne, Germany “Everywhere you look in Cologne you see the twin spires of this cathedral…I’ve stayed in not one but two castles (schloss is the word in German)–one small and more countryish, like an English county manor, the other where I’m at now, very grand and like a French palace…Cologne, which the Germans spel “Koln” is a very old city on the river Rhein, which the Romans founded–Cologne is from the Latin “Colon” which means ‘colony’ Whaddya know!”


November 3, 2000 Saratoga Springs, New York “I got to talk to hundred of librarians here–my very favorite kind of people!”


So that was the beginning of my postcard collection. From traditional travel postcards, I branched out to postcards of art, photography, advertisements etc. It’s not a selective, highly precious collection, but it’s a delightful one! Can’t wait to share it with you through this new blog. 

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